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First edition

Festival’s first edition was held from the June the 16th to the 19th, 2016, and has been an open character event. It was enjoyed by thousands of people from Salamanca and visitors who have come to the city attracted by its celebration.

The stage

The streets of Salamanca have been the Festival’s stage and, within them, unique buildings on which a selection of national and international artists, university students and companies in the field of video and installation have projected their creations, especially designed according to the architectural properties of the chosen buildings.

Iberdrola carries out an Illumination Program since 2002 that aims to improve the interior or exterior lighting of the national historical and artistic heritage by lighting interventions that improve conservation and energy efficiency of buildings. With these initiatives, Iberdrola contributes to the enhancement and preservation of historical and artistic heritage.

“The city of Salamanca bets on culture, heritage and art, as it has always done throughout its history. The streets of Salamanca are the stage of the Festival de Luz y Vanguardias, and the protagonists are the most emblematic buildings of the city, which become the screen where we appear to the world”.

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