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Iberdrola with light and avant-garde art

Iberdrola holds the Illuminations Program that, since 2002, aims to improve the interior or exterior lighting of the national historical and artistic heritage by lighting interventions that improve buildings conservation and energy efficiency. With these initiatives, Iberdrola contributes to the enhancement and conservation of historical and artistic heritage.

This program emphasizes the use of the new LED technology, which provides a number of advantages such as improving conservation, increasing energy efficiency (saves on average 75 percent more than the analogous light bulbs) and reducing maintenance costs due to its longer life.

The corporate commitment to the environment development is reflected in projects that provide real, meaningful and above all, tangible value to society. Iberdrola is committed to the communities where it operates, not only through the development of its own business but also by a clear commitment to culture. In addition to the artistic, economic and environmental benefit, add the potential of these lighting projects that favor economic activity, facilitating local development around the historical and artistic heritage.

Public buildings illuminated by Iberdrola

In 2015, Iberdrola launched the lighting inside the Prado Museum in a special program called Illuminating the Prado. The project, to be completed in 2017, will equip the exhibition halls of the Museum of a new lighting system with LED technology to replace the current system based on halogen lamps.

Illuminating the Prado will allow one of the most important art galleries in the world save up to 75 percent of annual energy and prevent each year the emission of 320 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition to the environmental benefits, the new lights invite visitors to “rediscover” works in a closer to natural light conditions. In this modern and global reference project, light and innovation are at the service of art.

Iberdrola has illuminated other buildings, among which is the historic “Puente de Alcántara”, considered one of the most important monuments of antiquity, in the province of Caceres; the facade of the Deputies Congress and the Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid.

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