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The festival adds the new +Luz section to this year’s edition. +Luz offers a parallel cultural program created and presented by four of Salamanca’s most relevant artistic spaces: DA2Adora Calvo, Espacio Nuca and La Salchichería. The different events and exhibitions, that share light as their common theme, will be opening from May.

+Luz is an ideal complement to the official program of the Festival with daytime, contemporary activities rooted in the most creative places of Salamanca.

The following are the planned listings for each space. Dates and opening hours will be updated if needed.

  • DA2:(Avenida de la Aldehuela, s/n) Salamanca’s main contemporary art center presents the exhibition “Space-time” about light as a substance, instrument and language. This ambitious exhibition comprises works from the Coca-Cola Foundation and the DA2 contemporary art collections and will focus in photography, which employs light as its raw material. From June to December 2017.


  • Adora Calvo: (Calle Arco, 11) Impermanencias of Javier Riera. This art gallery, a reference in Salamanca and the Castile and León region, will show a new project from the renowned artist Javier Riera. Riera develops the concept of light as an element that constitutes the image by means of the measured transition between brilliance and darkness. The exhibition combines paintings, photography or video with light and darkness interventions on the gallery itself. The artist from Avilés (Asturias) returns with this exposition to the city where he studied. From June 3.


  • Espacio Nuca: (Calle María Auxiliadora, 16) This multidisciplinary art center that combines a gallery, an arts school and a showroom presents the exhibition “Constellations” with the ceramic artwork of the designer and artist from Madrid Julieta Álvarez. In only four years, Alvárez has managed to show their pieces in shops and galleries around the world. “Constellations” combines some of her most iconic artworks with large format mobile sculptures purposely created for the exhibition. From May 12 to July 28.


  • La Salchichería: (Plaza del Oeste, 7) This bar and cultural space in the seminal Barrio del Oeste district proposes a “Trilogy of light”: natural light, with the unusual exhibition around bioluminescence of the scientist and plastic artist Juana Ciudad, that takes nature as an inspiration; artificial light with a nocturnal cycle of electronic music and light interaction and “no light”, with dinning and wine tasting in the darkness to intensify the rest of the senses. Natural light: from June 13 to July 9. Artificial light: June 16 and 17 from 23:00.  No light: June 16 and 17 at 21:30.
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