The photography contest of the Festival de Luz y Vanguardias receives more than 1700 images

  • The winning photographs are the work of @mariandgo, @quiquevp and @alek.salamanca
  • The festival Luz y Vanguardias has had an important online presence through its official website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and became trending topic on June the 16th and the 17th.

Luz y Vanguardias, organized with the support of the Salamanca’s local government and Iberdrola, has had great participation success in the photo contest, organized on social networks Instagram and Twitter, having more than 1,700 submitted photos.

The competition has been open to participation by all users of these networks through the hashtag #enciendeSalamanca in order to encourage audience participation in the digital environment and disseminate the works screened during the festival, without losing the artistic spirit that characterizes the event.

The contest winners are three users of the social network Instagram. The first award was for @mariandgo and the other two established in the rules have gone to @quiquevp and @alek.salamanca. The first prize is two nights for two people in a National Parador, while the other two winners receive a gourmet dinner for two.

“From the beginning we were clear that we wanted to celebrate the festival Luz y Vanguardias of Salamanca not only in the streets but also in the digital environment and encourage participation in social networks, in recognition of its dynamic power and as a channel for dialogue established between companies, governments and citizens, already decisive in our communication today, “says Alberto Mariñas, director of the festival.

The festival organizers decided to award the first prize winning photograph because of the photographic vision of the author, @mariandgo, who has managed to isolate in a crowded environment where graphic motifs are repeated, a detail that is at the same time representative and unique and has exceptional graphic force that makes it practically a poster.

The success of the festival Luz y Vanguardias was measured not only in the streets of Salamanca, but also had a strong online presence through the official event page, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter in which achieved a significant presence by the hand of #enciendeSalamanca hashtag, which had several thousands of mentions and became trending topic on the opening day, as well as on Thursday, June the 16th and Friday the 17th.

In addition to the photo contest on social networks, the festival had a creations contest were participated specialized domestic and foreign companies, independent artists and other collectives, as well as the exhibition of works made by students of the University of Salamanca and, mainly, the work exhibition of four invited artists. Anna Barriball, Daniel Canogar, Carlos Irijalba and Edwin van der Heide projected their works on the facades of the University of Salamanca’s historic building, the New Cathedral, the San Esteban Convent Church and Archbishop Fonseca College respectively.

The estival Luz y Vanguardias


Luz y Vnaguardias’ first edition, which was held in Salamanca from June the 16th to the 19th, with the support of Salamanca’s local government and the active involvement of Iberdrola, has had as stage the streets of the city and, in particular, unique buildings on which a selection of national and international artists, university students and companies have projected their creations, especially designed according to the architectural properties of the chosen buildings.  The selected buildings for this first edition were: the Casa de las Conchas, the Old Cathedral, the Fonseca guest quarters and the facades of the City Hall, the Convent of San Esteban and the University of Salamanca’s historical building.

The festival is conceived as a festive and cultural event during which the city will be filled with light. Salamanca’s citizens and visitors will be able to stroll through the city and discover the latest trends while enjoying Salamanca’s history and world heritage.